We have found that many families and parents do not know the basics of first aid and do not really know what to do if they come across an accident or serious illness. Learning these basic life saving skills is easy with the Family First Aid course.

The course aims are to give an understanding of the needs of a family. It covers primary and secondary care skills for adults, infants and children. Knowing what to do in an emergency is an excellent life skill to learn and the course covers many subjects that you may come across.

Parent First Aid is aimed at any new or existing parent who wants to learn the basic first aid skills for infants and children.

Being a new parent can be a frightening time not knowing what to do but with this course at least if the worst should happen you will have the basic skills needed to recognise a problem, give immediate care and get help fast.

Having the knowledge and understanding first aid when dealing with children and adults alike gives you life-saving skills and knowledge that will be there throughout your parental life and beyond. Unfortunately, the latest figures for Dorset show that over 400 families lost children that could potentially have been saved by using basic first aid techniques. We at First Aid Training That Cares are passionate about passing on first aid knowledge and reducing unnecessary fatalities and family loss.

The course is classroom based with practical training using the most up to date equipment and presentation materials. Attendees are encouraged to use role play as a learning tool and questions are positively encouraged.

Training will also cover Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and an introduction to the practical use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, there is a legal requirement for all businesses to have in place at least, one First Aider per 100 employees, depending on the classification of business and risk assessments and factors.

All Resuscitation Council and Health & Safety Executive recommendations and regulations will be continually updated and included in all sessions, ensuring your employees receive the most accurate and up to date teaching.

We can also come to you and train your employees in your workplace. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CPD Certified – 6.0 hrs

Price – £65 per candidate for the 1 day course.

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction
Introduction to family first aid
Initial Safety and Care
Fears of First Aid
Asking Permission to Help
Scene Safety
Chain of Survival
DRAB and the ABCDs
Initial Assessment and Recovery Position
Stop Think Act
Infant Recovery Position
Face Shields
Hand Washing
First Aid Kit
Cardiac Arrest
Adult, Child, Infant CPR
Adult CPR Hand Over
Compression Only CPR
AED Introduction
Child CPR
Child CPR Breakdown
Infant CPR
Heart Attack and Stroke
Heart Attack
Aspirin for Heart Attacks
Choking Training
Conscious and Unconscious Adult Choking
Conscious and Unconscious Child Choking
Conscious and Unconscious Infant Choking
Bleeding Control
Types of Bleeding
Serious Bleeding
Embedded Objects
Other Injuries
Secondary Care Ongoing Assessments for Injury and Illness
Illness Assessment
Adult Fractures
Paediatric Head Injury
Eye Injuries
Spinal Injury
Spinal Recovery Position
Allergic Reaction and Auto-Injectors
Treating a burn
Treating a burn with cling-film
Heat and Cold Emergencies
Adult Asthma
Febrile Convulsions
Dealing with fainting
Bites and stings