This course is designed to meet the HSE regulations for those wanting to learn how to resuscitate an individual who is having a cardiac event, has drowned, choked or has become unconscious. This is open to any member of the general public who wants to learn how to resuscitate and a gain a practical introduction to using an AED.

The course is classroom based with practical training using the most up to date equipment and presentation materials. Attendees are encouraged to use role play as a learning tool and questions are positively encouraged.

Training will also cover Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and in-depth practical use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and how to deal with a choking casualty.

The use of an AED is the only way to restart a heart after cardiac arrest, and the earliest use of an AED is proven to promote the best and sometimes only chance of survival.

All Resuscitation Council and Health & Safety Executive recommendations and regulations will be continually updated and included in all sessions, ensuring your employees receive the most accurate and up to date teaching.

We can also come to you and train you or your employees in your workplace. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

CPD Certified – 4.0 hrs (6.0 class)

Price – £65 per candidate for the 1 day course.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to CPR BLS and AED
Initial Care & Scene Safety
Fears of first aid
Asking permission to help
Calling EMS
Waiting for EMS to Arrive
Scene Safety
Chain of Survival
DRAB and the ABCD’s
Initial Assessment and the Recovery Position
Barriers and Gloves
How to use face shields
Heart Attack
Heart Attack
Heart Attack Position
Cardiac Arrest and CPR
Adult CPR Introduction
Adult CPR
CPR Hand Over
Compressions Only CPR
Child CPR
Child CPR Breakdown
Infant CPR
Infant Recovery Position
Adult bag Valve mask (Optional)
AED Introduction & Types
AED Introduction
Types of AED Units
The Zoll AED Plus
Using an AED
AED Setup
AED Demo
Child AED
Training AED Units
AED Maintenance
AED Maintenance
AED Pads
AED Batteries
AED Troubleshooting
AED Locations
AED Locations
Community AED units
Summary and Practical Options
AED Post Resuscitation Procedures
Oxygen First Aid
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
CPR-AED Course Summary